Luna 1.3: Fancy new coding conventions

A couple of weeks ago, we published our fancy new coding conventions for CSS files within Luna. These new conventions for all our style sheets are all about making Luna’s CSS more readable. And for Luna 1.3 – the Denim update – that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ll be improving the CSS conventions as we go.

For the matter of fact, Luna 1.3 is mostly about back-end – and thus¬†invisible –¬†changes and improvements and not so much about features like Bittersweet Shimmer and Cornflower Blue where. We do intent to release Sixteen as the new default theme with this update and other small new features, but don’t expect anything beyond that. The first big update will come in the form of Luna 1.4 at our 3 year anniversary.

Additional to the CSS rewrite, we’ve also – finally – update the PHP coding conventions for Luna 1.x (the Luna 2.0 coding conventions will be different for PHP, similar to WordPress’s).

We’ve already started developing Denim. Why? Because we can. In fact, we hope to publish Luna 1.3 Preview 1 the same day as the Luna 1.2 final. Both don’t have a date yet, by the way.