Luna 1.2 Preview 1 now available

It has been almost 3 months since we release Luna 1.1, and today, finally, we have the next release ready for preview. Cornflower Blue is our 3rd major release and 2nd update to Luna. I’ve got a good feeling about where this is going.

Luna 1.2 marks the addidition of some much requested features. For starters, we’ve added support for SQLite 3 and PHP 7. What? This is already in Luna 1.0 and 1.1, right? Yep, it is, but it was originaly developed for Luna 1.2. However, because we just had to much work, we decided to backport these changes. So this is new, but it isn’t. Luna 1.2 has actualy a lot of changes that have been ported to older versions. But we do have some unique changes, too…

This is probably not so important to many people, but for developers, it is. We’ve decided to include Bootstrap, jQuery and Font Awesome in the Luna Core instead of using a CDN. This means that we also have a little more control over these packages, and if the CDN would go down, your board will not (or not look bad). Talking about components, Font Awesome is updated to version 4.4.

Javascript usage
Also, in case you happen to use a browser that doesn’t support Javascript, or simply don’t have it enabled (which is 10% of the people on the web), Luna will now switch to a no-Javascript mode.

For anyone that doesn’t write in a Latin-based language, we’ve also good news, as support for these characters has been improved.

New avatar defaults
We’ve also decided to up the default formats for avatars. These can now have a resolution of 128×128 pixels and 30720 bytes. Obviously, you can change these settings yourself if you wish and if you upgrade, Luna will continue to use the settings you had prior to the upgrade. Even if those where the default settings.

With Luna 1.0 and 1.1, you would get Fifteen set as the default theme. Now that we’re moving into 2016, we have created a new theme named Sixteen. As of Luna 1.2, this will be the default theme. This theme is now included in the package.

Fifteen and Sunrise
However, we continue to provide Fifteen and Sunrise. These themes have been updated to version 1.2 theirselves and come with fixes, improvements, and support for the new features that are included in Luna 1.2.

Color picker
Luna 1.0 and 1.1 allowed you to select a color for every board. Fifteen, for example, would use this to color the labels on the main page. With Luna 1.2, you now have a free choice of any color you want. There is still a pre-defined set of colors, but you can also give your own color code.

Mark as “Solved”
Another much requested feature is the “Solved” feature. With this, you can mark a comment as the answer to your thread. This will result in that comment being color green (similar to how soft deleted threads and comments are marked yellow, and reported comments are marked red).

Quality improvements
Luna 1.2 fixes also a series of bugs, inconsitencies and more to deliver a much better forum experience. Some of these fixes and changes are also added to Luna 1.1.4, but most of them are Luna 1.2-exclusive (if they don’t hurt the experience in general).

This being a first preview, this is not the final feature set. We’ve still more thing we would like to develop to release with Luna 1.2. Many of these features will show up in Luna 1.2 Preview 2, an update that will be released later this year.

Changes we would like to include are:

  • Improved SEO
  • Windows Phone and iOS integration
  • Favicon
  • Notification cleanup enhancements
  • Sixteen night mode

Further, I would like to point out that this is a preview version, and many features may be buggy and unfinished. This will also be improved in later previews. Enjoy this update!