Anouncing Milestone

For the people that visited our board yesterday or ealier today, they might have noticed an odd thing. The structure changed, but not only that, 2 new forums joined the fun. One of them was ModernCount, I guess some of you might know about that piece of software. It’s as old as ModernBB. But that’s not the only one that appeared, you can now also post in a forum named “Milestone”. Well people, I’m happy to announce our newest project: Milestone.


Milestone is a tracking system for your projects. It’s like all the others: creat a project, add milestones to those projects, and fill those milestones with tickets on which people can comment. It’s the very basic thing (at least, that’s how we will start). Milestone, however, isn’t a stand-alone web app. It will require Luna 0.1.3326 or higher to run. Note that it isn’t an extension or plugin to Luna either. It simply needs Luna’s database.

Just like Luna, Milestone will be build with Bootstrap and uses the Font Awesome iconfont. We’re currently hard at work to make this thing a reality. Milestone will, as soon as the basics of the system are ready, replace our GitHub issue tracker. Instead of separate issue trackers, we will also move all our projects (Luna, ModernBB, ModernCount and Milestone) into 1 single tracker.

It’s to early to show you guys the first previews, screenshots or to even release an early build to the public, however, know that it is in the works and if it ever gets done, we will release it! Stay tuned, because I can promise you, that early 2015 is going to be very intresting. 🙂