Luna 2.0.14 with PHP 7.4, Font Awesome 5 and more is here

Luna follows semantic versioning. However, because we feel like this really isn’t worth a 3.0 release, or even a 2.1 release, we decided to tag this update with 2.0.13. Today we are not releasing one, but two updates for Luna 2.0.

Luna 2.0.13 introduces support for PHP 7.4. Not that Luna 2.0.12 didn’t support PHP 7.4, it is after all not a breaking release of PHP, but we did use things that PHP 7.4 deprecated. So we dropped it.

More significantly to our users is probably the fact that Font Awesome 4.7.0 has been swapped out with Font Awesome Free 5.12.0. This means that instead of 675 icons, you now have access to 1553 icons for your forums. It also drastically improves the icon consistency within Luna.

Additionally, we’ve updated Bootstrap from version 3.3.7 to 3.4.1 and jQuery from version 2.2.4 to 3.4.1. You wouldn’t notice to much from this.

Because we did a minor screw-up with Git however, we’re also releasing Luna 2.0.14. This includes one additional commit that fixes a security hole with indexing the forum.