Luna 2.0.11 is now available

A quick fix and a 2 week hiatus

Well then… Looks like I made a mistake with Luna 2.0.10 and 2.1 Preview 4.

Both releases are shipping with old translations. Luna 2.0.10 is using the 2.0.9-beta translation (so is 2.0.9) while 2.1 Preview 4 is using the translation of an early Preview 4 build.

This is why we’re releasing 2.0.11 today with a fix. 2.1 won’t be fixed until Preview 5. This mistake should not impact anyone using the English translation of Luna or who generates the translation files of any other language through scanning the software with Poedit.

This is only an issue for those who

  • Use the Dutch translation that is shipping with Luna
  • Use the empty English translation as a base for their own translations

If you are using Luna 2.1 Preview, we kinda expect you to be aware that this thing is buggy, so it isn’t that essential to fix to us.

A hiatus

While we are not even a month into the rebirth of Luna, it is already time for a break. Like back in the day, I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks to recharge. This year around, I’ll be gone from the 3rd of July until the 15th. Unlike other years, I’ll check back in with you guys in the night of the 9th to the 10th.