ModernBB 2.0.1 now available

Earlier today, you might have started reciving messages from ModernBB that we’ve released a new version. And yes we have, ModernBB 2.0.1 is now available for download and fixes 8 bugs in ModernBB 2. You can find this download on our download page.

This release fixes several bugs, updating is recommended. Most of the improvements are fixes for missing interfaces, like the search interface, the “ModernBB is succesfully installed” interface, announcements, etc. We also refind the Profile interface, it looks just a bit better now. We also fixed the Board Statistics panel at the index and finaly cleaned up the about page, that contained old content.

As always, you can find the downloads on our download page. If you are already using ModernBB 2.0-beta.x, 2.0-rc.x or 2.0.0, you can take a look at the update check, where you can easly download it. Make a backup before updating of both your database and files. And ofcourse: enjoy ModernBB 2.0.1.