Luna 1.1.2 and 1.0.8 now available

Today, we’re happy to release Luna 1.1.2 and 1.0.8. These 2 updates both bring some minor changes to the Luna platform as a whole, including the restructuring that was announced in the previous post.

Luna 1.1.2 and 1.0.8
Luna 1.1.2 and 1.0.8 both include a revamped “About”-page, which now has a more constructive list of changes. Both updates also remove the Slow Ring from the update check and disable the automatic update check when you’re in the Nightly ring. Luna will instead provide a download button to download the latest build from the GitHub repository. Further, some minor bugs where fixed.

Luna 1.1.2
Besides the changes noted above, Luna 1.1.2 has Bittersweet Shimmer-specific fixes too. 2.0
Not only did we update our software, we also brought a major revamp to our website. Most pages are gone, we want to be much more straight-forward.

The first big change you’ll see is the removal of the Download and About section. The download section and some pages from about have been merged in the release notes page that you can find in the link under the download buttons on the index. From there, you can also download older versions.

The index now also asks for new developers to join up, so if you want, please contact us. Further, we’ve added the “Donate”-button to the main navigation. After all, Luna exist because of donations, but we’re not getting enough to maintain Luna, not even the host for our site. So we hope that more people will donate, as it would help is much.

Further, we’ve also updated the documentation. It has been split in 4 sections, of which 3 are now available. The 4th “Design guidelines” will be available in the near feature and goes mostly over design. Also, we’re preparing an update to list the new coding conventions for Luna 2.0 soon.

Onwards to better times

The development of Luna has crashed during this summer. First there was the planned development hiatus for my vacation that has been going for every summer now, then there was the death of a close friend of mine.

And all of that has realy dragged down the development of Luna. All time I had between these 2 drops went to ModernBB 4, meanwhile, for Luna 1.0.8, 1.1.2 and 1.2 Preview, almost nothing changed. That’s why its time to make some changes to the way we work, some undoing some of the changes I promised with the launch of Luna (see point 3).

First off – and this change has already taken place – I’ve reorganised the GitHub repositories and accounts that are being managed under the Luna brand (384forFluxBB, Vanellope and GetLuna). The first 2 have been removed, and for GetLuna, we’ve cleaned up a lot of the unused repositories in there, we hope to bring some order in this.

Secondly, releasing a new version of Luna is a real pain. During development, I usually write these changelogs as it goes along and that is something I’m not going to do in the future. This means that the “About”-page in the Backstage for future updates will be emptied and only display credits and the basic log we’ll use on (this also applies to Luna 1.0 and 1.1).

Additional to that, releasing a new version is not an automated system for Luna, I just never got to set one up. The website is manualy updated with every new release. That’s why the website will get a major revamp, dropping most of the information that requires much resources (including these big changelogs, the features list, the download sections beyond the core and prety much everything in the about section (some of it will be relocated to the index)).

With this simplified website, which will launch alongside Luna 1.0.8 and 1.1.2, I’ll have much less work to do on keeping the website up-to-date and can focus more on the things that matter: Luna itself and the documentation (which will get revamped with the new site).

Thirdly, we’re changing the way we support versions of Luna. With the coming update to Luna 1.0.8, we will end support for Aero. We will only support the most recent version of Luna (which is at this point Luna 1.1). Only if there are security issues, we’ll release an update to the previous version of Luna. Further, after the 1.x.0 release, we won’t add new features like we did with Luna 1.0.1, 1.0.7 and 1.1.1. This will all be exclusive to the next minor update.

These changes will render the Slow ring you can select in the “Luna Software Update” page a potential security risk and thus, this feature will be removed in Luna 1.0.8, 1.1.2 and 1.2 Preview. Now, to sum it up, below are lists of what you can expect today for minor releases, and in red is everything we will stop doing for the future:

Current release -1

  • Minor feature improvements
  • Medium component updates
  • Minor component updates
  • Bug fixes (unless blocking issues)
  • Security fixes

Current release

  • Medium feature improvements
  • Minor feature improvements
  • Medium component updates
  • Minor component updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Security fixes

So mainly, just don’t expect any changes beyond bug fixes in the current branch anymore. Neither should you expect anything at all beyond security fixes in older versions. This basically makes that Luna 1.0.8 will probably be the final Luna 1.0 release, unless an important issue is found.

And to close of: as you’ve read above, this mainly is trying to reduce the work we have with supporting and maintaining Luna. But there is another fundamental change that needs to take place to keep this going, and that’s why the new website will also ask for people that are intrested in not simply using Luna, but also in developing it.

This might sound like something simple to do: add a button and go along with it. However, it’s not that easy. For starters, everyone working on Luna should use the same coding conventions, and since there are no coding conventions, that’s kinda a problem. A problem we’ll fix with Luna 2.0 as we’ll adapt the commonly used WordPress Coding Conventions. Additionaly, I’ll be extending the documentation in the near future to also describe our design conventions and naming conventions (for functions, constants, etc because I would like to seem them match what they are used for (astrid, jewel, zoe, sixteen).

The new website will also put the donate button right in the menu, it’s not used that often and we would like that to change for the obvious reasons that this will make it possible for me to develop Luna as one of my many other projects: as a job.

ModernBB 4.0 now available

It’s almost 2 years ago that we released ModernBB 2.0 “Zoe”. That indicated the start of something awesome, something that goes on right now. Since, we’ve released 2 major updates to ModernBB 2 and we’ve released ModernBB 3, which received 7 major updates. We’ve also released Luna, which, up until now, has received 1 major update. Today, we’re released ModernBB 4.0, and its the end of an era.

ModernBB 4.0 is our final ModernBB release. We do not plan to release any further updates to the ModernBB platform (this is basically what we first wanted to release as ModernBB 3.7.1 or 3.8, but the changes beyond bugfixes became to big).

ModernBB 4.0 is mainly a visual update. On the front-end, it brings back the ModernBB 2.1-3.5 styles. The old Random styles have all been revamped with gradients and more and are included in the ModernBB 4.0 download. A note to this is that we didn’t update the screenshots included in ModernBB, sorry for that.

Another update we’ve made is visible in the Backstage. And honestly, it will be hard to not notice the changes. The Backstage has been redesigned to match the Luna Backstage, bringing an interface that many have claimed to be amazing for management. With ModernBB 4.0, you will also be reminded to upgrade to Luna. Further, the check for update system has been kicked out because it has been broken for a while, and I didn’t see a point in fixing it since this is the final release.

So, that raises the question: is ModernBB dead with this update? Yes, yes it is. I want to point out that we won’t be releasing any updates to ModernBB anymore. However, we will continue to provide support in our forums for a while and we’ll also release updates if security issues have been found. So while you shouldn’t expect a ModernBB 4.0.1 with bug fixes, a security release is still possible.