Moving to a better license

Some of you might know, ModernBB 1.6 is developed under the GPL v2 license, just like FluxBB. For ModernBB 2.0, we moved to GPL v3. A decision I do regret. So, with ModernBB 3, I’m going to fix this! We’ll move to another license, away from GPL (and with that, away from a FSF-licese). We’re moving to the way better MIT license.

When you compare MIT to GPL (no matter which version), you will have more feeling to read the MIT license then the GPL license. While GPL v3 has 5644 words in it, MIT has only 171 words, better to read, isn’t it. Also, the MIT license allows some more thing to happen with the ModernBB source. Anyway, you are still required to leave the copyrights as-is.

The commit that will switch our license to MIT will be pushed today to the version3.0 branch and will also update the copyright notation on top of every file to 2014. Also, if you want to read the licenses ModernBB is released under, you can find all information you need on our brand new licenses page. We’ve published both GPL v2, GPL v3 and MIT on this page for respectivly ModernBB 1.6, 2.0/2.1/2.2 and 3.0.

Round-up #11 – Interfaces and databases

It has been a beautiful week. This week, we released 4 new versions of ModernBB (1.6.4, 2.0.2, 2.1.2 and 2.2.02), and of course, we continue development of what’s next. And what IS next? Well, that ModernBB 1.6.5, 2.2.05 and 3.0.0. And it’s that last one we’ve worked on a lot. Let’s talk about that.

Database and DB Layers
Well, we’ve made some changes for the database layers. The first one is, we dropped support for PostgreSQL. Why? Because we think that this database type isn’t used enough to support. Another big changes that has happened, and where we’re still working on, in the support for SQLite 3. Finaly, FluxBB and so ModernBB (we where planning this earlier than them, but they took our idea!) will do the same (support for SQLite 3 comes also to ModernBB 1.6 and 2.2). However, we’re also thinking about removing support for MariaDB, which is supported since ModernBB 2.0. For the same reason as we stop supporting PostgreSQL, it’s still in considering, but it could happen.

The Backstage Interface
Something else we spend a lot of time on, is the Backstage interface. We’ve improved a lot! First (and most notable), the color scheme has changed. We’re now on a black-blue color scheme, instead of a blue one. The Backstage also uses more of the elements that are available in Bootstrap (like tables in this case). We’ve also worked on the consistency of the interface. All pages now have a title. Buttons are a lot more consistent, everything is.

We’re not done yet. The interface is still to change. We want the blue color to be more of an accent. This will be used to create a new option to change the color of the backstage. Awesome, isn’t it? However, for the once that liked the color scheme from the ModernBB 2.x series, we might concider adding a color scheme that sets back those things.

Other stuff
We didn’t stop there, not even close. The Bacstages “Forums” and “Categories” page has been removed. What? But that’s the place where we could manage our forums and categories!? Indeed, however, we’ve added a new page, “Board structure”, that contains both pages, to give you a better overview. The update message on the front page of Backstage also has been revamped, it doesn’t show buttons anymore, instead, there is a new button on the index that brings you to a special update page.

ModernBB 3 now also requires at least FluxBB 1.5 or higher to be able to upgrade. Other work has been done on the action bar in the topic view, however, this isn’t finished yet. ModernBB 3.0 is also using a development version of Bootstrap 3.1, and we are planning to update jQuery to version 1.11 beta 2 too. Now, we’ve done a lot of work already, but we are far from finished! The template system needs work, the Backstage needs work, the front-end needs work, everything needs work! Check our shiplist to see what’s coming!

ModernBB 2.2.02 now available

modernbb2202We’re happy to announce that ModernBB 2.2.02 is now available for download at our download page. ModernBB 2.2.02 fixes 67 issues in ModernBB. It’s recommended to update, but when you do, be sure you’ve got a back-up of your forum.

ModernBB 2.2.02 fixes multiple small issues, but also some security issues. For that, it’s important to update your installation to this release if you’re on 2.2.1. If you’re on 2.2.0 and you update to this release, over 100 issues will be fixed for you in less then 10 days. Every version lower then 2.2.0 is, of course, recommended to update, since the issues in this release aren’t fixed in the 2.0 and 2.1 branch. Anyway, a lot of thanks to Quy, who once again, reported a lot of those 61 issues (57 out of 61).

You might also notice something odd about the version number, it contains a “0” to much. Well, ModernBB 2.2 will follow a different release scheme as we are used to. This is because of ModernBB 3, which will take a lot of time for completion, and we don’t want our users to get behind on new features. That’s why we are already planning ModernBB 2.2.05, a small feature release, and somewhere in the 2.2 branch, we have another nice surprise ready!

While we’ve a lot feature releases in ModernBB 2.2, non of them will get a beta or Release Candidate. We also won’t follow our usual development scheme (every 3 months a patch). New versions will be released more often, take a look at our GitHub repository for more information about when the next release will get to you. Meanwhile, we’re also working on ModernBB 3, a first alpha release is planned to be released in February 2014.

ModernBB 1.6.4 LTS now available


We’re happy to announce that ModernBB 1.6.4 is now available for download at our download page. ModernBB 1.6.4 fixes 16 issues in ModernBB. It’s recommended to update, but when you do, be sure you’ve got a back-up of your forum. We also recommend you to upgrade to ModernBB 2.2.02 instead.

ModernBB 2.1.2 now available

modernbb212We’re happy to announce that ModernBB 2.1.2 is now available for download at our download page. ModernBB 2.1.2 fixes 9 issues in ModernBB. It’s recommended to update, but when you do, be sure you’ve got a back-up of your forum. We also recommend you to upgrade to ModernBB 2.2.02 instead.

Round-up #10 – Planning ModernBB “Odd” 3.0

ModernBB 2.2 has been released! And, of course, we’re already planning the next version, for a while, to be exact. I mentioned ModernBB 3.0 a time ago in round-up #9, but now, it’s going to be serious. ModernBB 3.0 is the next big milestone for ModernBB. Let’s talk about ModernBB “Odd” 3.0.

Ambition: 100%
ModernBB 3 will be a very important release. Seriously. We’ve got a lot of thing planned. It won’t be a visual big release compared to ModernBB 2 (which turned out to be buggy, lots of issues have been fixed in ModernBB 2.2.1 and onwards). However, we do plan a visual rework of the Backstage, but not that much is planned to change on the other side of the software, our front-end. However, we’re planning to do a lot of work with ModernBB 3, that’s for sure.

ModernBB goes Modern
With our responsive design, we’re one of the first bulletin boards to have this by default. Compared to a lot of other forum software, we also have a prety good construction for our Backstage, where other forum software might be complicated (phpBB refference). However, there is still a lot to do that makes us even more modern. What about SQLite 3 support? We planned this already for ModernBB 2.0 and 2.1. This since support for it ended before the feature was finished, that didn’t turn out well. For now, it seems that this feature will only find it’s way to ModernBB 1.6, 2.2 and 3.0.

But that’s (of course) not everything. We’re planning to create a hook system, so no core changes need to be done. The editor will also be replaced with a more feature-rich WYSIWYG editor. Meanwhile, updating should be very WordPress-like: one click, and go! The parser will be updated once again, for example, support for syntax highlighting. And the login form will disappear and be replaced with a modal (in most of the cases, at least). The template system is also supposed to get a major reform.

Further, ModernBB 3.0 will use jQuery 1.11 and Bootstrap 3.1.0 (at least). Since development of ModernBB 3 will take a while, this might change to even newer releases, like jQuery 1.12 and Bootstrap 3.2 (or something like that). We’re also not yet sure if we stay in the 1.xx branch for jQuery, so we might upgrade to jQuery 2. That also means that support for Internet Explorer 8 will be dropped, however, that’s still a major browser. With Windows XP getting close to EOL, that might change before ModernBB 3 is released, but probably, this will be something for ModernBB 4.

ModernBB 2.0.2 now available

We’re happy to announce that ModernBB 2.0.2 is now available for download at our download page. ModernBB 2.0.2 fixes 21 issues in ModernBB. It’s recommended to update, but when you do, be sure you’ve got a back-up of your forum. We also recommend you to upgrade to ModernBB 2.2.02 instead.

Note that this is the last release in this branch and we stop support for this release as of 10 December 2013.

A new

For the first time since April 2013, when ModernBB 1.6-beta was released, our very first beta, we’ve developed the website from scratch. What? Yes, indeed, we’ve worked on our website the last couple of weeks, during development of ModernBB 2.2 and here it is. When you visit our home page, you will find yourself on a brand new website.

Our new website is visual more appealing. The new design is supposed to give a cleaner look. We’ve kept the most important elements from our old website and used them again in today’s update. We’ve redesigned the home page to be a portal to other pages on the site. This is important for the accessability of ModernBB and all available resources. Talking about resources: we’ve some good news here too!

We’ve added a Development center (you can find it in the “Develop” menu item). Here, you can find resources to develop your own style and plugin. For designers, we’ve got a structure-only CSS-file ready for use to base your styles on. For developers that like to create plugins, we’ve updated the Example plugin from ModernBB 1.6 to work with ModernBB 2.1 and 2.2. The Developer center also gives access to the ModernBB changelog, source and bugtracker. The “About” and “Download” section are mostly the same. While the “Docs” section has been updated on its markup.

And maybe the most important update of all: is finaly responsive with this update! It’s about time, I know. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the new website. More updates will be added later on, including a styles repository.

Our first patchround is coming!
In other news, in 8 days, 10 December 2013, we will have our first patch round. Starting that day, we will update ModernBB on a schedul, every March, June, September and December, the second Tuesday of the month. This month, we will release ModernBB 1.6.4 LTS, 2.0.2, 2.1.2 and 2.2.2 (yes, another update for ModernBB 2.2). For both ModernBB 2.0 and 2.1, this will be the last update before going EOL. Support for ModernBB 1.6 and 2.2 will continue, while we’re working on ModernBB 3 (and start working on 1.6.5 LTS and 2.2.3). However, before that (and 10 December) we still have 39 tickets to close (majorty in 1.6.4 and 2.2.2).

ModernBB 2.2.1 now available

We’re less then a day after the release of ModernBB 2.2.0, and we’ve already a patch for you. Today, we release ModernBB 2.2.1, which will fix 2 “hotfix recommendation bugs”, 36 bugs, add 4 enhancements and 1 meta issue. We strongly recommend you to update, since this release is a hotfix. We also want to thank Quy for this, since he created all 43 (and more) tickets, that leaded to this release. We hope that ModernBB is, once again, an even better solution. Like Always, you can find ModernBB 2.2.1 on our download page.